Benefits of a Property Manager

The number one goal is to add additional income stream to your portfolio whilst maintaining the property

The key roles of your property manager are:

  1. Assist in preparing your property for renting. This include recommendations for presentation and professional photography
  1. Advertise the property on a number of online portals & place a sign out front
  1. Open your home for inspection
  1. Process applications adhering to our thorough tenant check policy
  1. Prepare lease and arrange any compliance such as smoke alarms and/or pools
  1. Prepare a thorough in-going report for us to refer back to when the tenant exits
  1. Sign the lease, receipt initial funds & bond and hand property to tenant
  1. Check the condition of your investment regularly and report in writing
  1. Receipt rent fortnightly and maintain a strict policy to rent arrears
  1. Oversee maintenance and repairs on your behalf and liaise with tenant and tradesperson to ensure a smooth process for all
  2. Report financially to you monthly and annually whilst paying any bills or trades on your behalf and disburse funds regularly to ensure your cash flow is maintained
  3. Oversee the tenants exit and prepare the property for a new tenant