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As a landlord, I was constantly frustrated by the lack of communication from my Property Manager. I wondered if I could do a better job? Essential Property Management was born through that sheer determination to be better and do better.

About Michele

Michele has over 15 years’ experience in property management and is an avid residential property investor herself.

Michele started Essential Property Management (EPM) over 10 years ago, due to the frustration she experienced working for large franchised real estate companies.

She suddenly realised why she’s always been frustrated by her experience as an investor. Selling Principal’s showed less than no interest at all in the Property Management departments and staff were offered no training, support or development at all.

Michele strives to provide a point of difference within the industry and ensures her team at EPM consistently uphold her strong core policies, morals and beliefs.


Michele is an avid investor in the South Australian market and is able to demonstrate a cash flow positive investment strategy. In other words, Michele’s portfolio makes money annually.

Michele Stephen - Essential Property Management


  • 2019 – FINALIST – REISA – Property Management, Small Agency
  • 2013, 2014, 2015 – FINALIST – REISA – Property Management, Small Agency