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Why use Essential Property Management

Why Use Us

All properties require ongoing care and maintenance. While some landlords choose to manage their own property, there is more to property management than collecting rent. How your investment is managed has great significance on your peace of mind, your time, capital growth, and regular income. Essential Property Management go the extra mile to carefully choose our tenant. With the use of virtual video tours, potential tenants are able to shortlist their property selection in the comfort of their homes. Applying for a property via the snug platform is super easy and allows us to process your application prior to you inspecting, save you time in this busy covid world. We believe that for people to meet our expectations and tenancy responsibilities they should be given the tools and knowledge to help achieve them.


We work with our tenants to gain optimum tenancy history for themselves, and in turn this provides the best long-term care for our properties. Our easy access to online tenancy portals for information and communication makes it easy for you to access any information regarding your tenancy or to report maintenance. Our guarantee is to stand out by delivering the most positive and valuable tenancy experience each tenant has had, and to ensure the terms of agreement and legislation are always met. We reward those who respect our tenancies, and we take every interaction as an opportunity for customer service excellence.

Solely Property Management

We pride ourselves on focusing on and exceeding in one core area of expertise. This means we are not pre-occupied by other activities. Giving you and your tenants all our efforts.

Experience On Your Side

Our family and team of experienced property managers have over 50 years combined experience in Property Management and we are passionate investors in the South Australian residential market.

Stress Free Experience

What’s most important is that we do all of the above and much more. Our job is to ensure, that you are paid on time, maintenance is done efficiently and cost effectively and your investment is looked after

Accurate Documentation

We use the latest technology to prepare your legally binding lease and other supporting documents. We provide an extensive written In-going Condition Report which is supported by extensive photographs.

Strict Tenant Selection & Screening

Our team are committed to finding the very best tenant for your property. We work with you to understand your ideal tenant and prepare the advertisement to ensure it targets those tenants. We check all references thoroughly and use many online databases, portals and websites to verify all information provided. Most importantly, you get the final say.

Communication is King

As landlord’s ourselves, we understand the frustration of not being communicated with in a timely manner. From day 1, we keep you informed. From results of open homes, to maintenance, the returning of calls and email in a timely manner, we are all committed to keeping you fully informed as this allows you to make the best decisions.

98% Payment in Advance

We ensure your tenant pays their rent on time. We have a strictly adhered to ‘No Tolerance Policy’. This is re-enforced at our comprehensive tenant sign up process. As our fee is a percentage of the rent received, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

We Are Approachable

We understand the importance of the landlord/tenant relationship and respect both parties. We understand that conflict occurs, and we work with both to keep you well informed and to reach a timely and amicable resolution.

Regular Property Inspection

We view your home every 13 weeks. We are very thorough and ensure the cleanliness, maintenance and condition of your home. We provide a written report with photographic evidence that clearly highlights the cleanliness, notes any rooms for improvement, advises of any maintenance or issues we may identify as a possible item to look out for and/or budget for. If we are not 100% satisfied with the condition of your home, we are open with you and the tenant and re-inspect in 28 days at no additional cost to you.

Government & Legal Requirements

Many owners believe that property management is just collecting rent. There are many laws that must be adhered to. Whether it’s a tenant’s right to quiet enjoyment and our obligation to provide in writing our intent to enter the premise or legislation that must be adhered to relating to swimming pools and/or smoke alarms, or adherence to the privacy act, our entire team is well versed is all state and national laws.

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